Sunday, February 15, 2009

OUR social media GRIFFE

What is a 'griffe'?

I first came across the word 'griffe' this last holiday season, when I devoured 'Immoveable Feast: A Paris Christmas' in one overnight helping. I must admit when I first picked it up in the Shakespeare & Co bookshop, it was the similarity to the Hemingway classic, "A Moveable Feast" that attracted me to the title.

As it turned out, the book and I were well suited. Baxter is an Aussie who now lives in Paris; I am an Aussie who stills lives in Sydney but likes to visit Paris. The connection did not end there and was cemented with a love of food, French food.

Baxter also describes his daughter's coming of age when she brings home her 'griffe'.

My Google search found the definition of griffe: a clawlike ornament extending from the base of a column. The griffe Baxter refers to is the sum of ourselves that describes our personal style. For his daughter her griffe was her business card holder. The New York Times writer, Dawn Drzal, describes this griffe as the "individual and passionately held map of 'favorite cafes, shops, walks, meeting places' that every Parisian constructs of the city".

I got to thinking. We are calling it out, putting it out there, everyday, our own griffe. The griffe has become international and available. We put it out there on our Twitter, our Facebook pages and however else we connect ourselves with the world through social media. Yes, our individual statements of preferences, taste and style are publicly on display.

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