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FOOD on FILM - the best from Twitter

During the week I posted a list of 5 favourite food films.

Mostly Martha (Bella Martha)
Babette's Feast
Like Water For Chocolate
My Dinner with Andre

Discussion followed online as I was searching out those I'd forgotten, and those I had yet to discover.

Here's a sample of the best of the rest... Happy viewing...

The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover

The Flavor of Happiness
Le Grande Bouffe

as well as...

American Pie
Baby Boom

Big Night
Blueberry Nights
Brown Sugar
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Chicken Rice Wars
Chicken and Duck Talk
Chungking Express
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

Eat, Drink, Man, Woman
Eating Raoul
Fried Green Tomatoes

Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers
God of Crockery
The Godfather
Hunting and Gathering
Kitchen Stories

The Meaning of Life

Mouse Hunt
Mystic Pizza
No Reservations (note the original German movie Mostly Martha above)
Politiki Kouzina

Under the Tuscan Sun

The Wedding Banquet
Woman On Top
Not quite food on film, more like food habits, eating attitudes (and disorders) but some great food scenes I've just added Malos habitos (Bad Habits)

@vizzz I've just remembered a non-food movie which actually is a food movie. My Blueberry Nights. Love, romance, tears, pies and coffee.

@figandcherry Chungking Express by Wong Kar Wai - Hong Kong Cinema :)
@ruthreichl The Flavor of Happiness. Watched it on a plane. Has anyone else seen this Japanese movie about Chinese food? Quite lovely; stays with me.
@epicurienne ref: food on film how about Under the Tuscan Sun? Or Mystic Pizza? Or Moonstruck? Or The Wedding Banquet? Love your post.
@nekkidchef: @frombecca A few more Asian food films worth findin..These have English subtitles: Chicken Rice Wars (Singapore) & Chicken And Duck Talk.
@Vinyldesign @frombecca you forgot to add "Eat, drink, man, woman" it's a great movie!
@greenmeup: #foodfilm Swedish film: Kitchen Stories. Others I love all mentioned!
@tobiasruss: my favourite #foodfilm is: La grande bouffe (1973) directed by Marco Ferreri
@handstandpants @_mel_ Waitress - I love the "I Don't Wanna Have Earls Baby Pie"
@DiscoDaveUK: Fried Green Tomatos #foodfilm
@_mel_ oh and 2 more: Eat Drink Man Woman - for chinese banquet dishes, and Babette's Feast (amazing French dishes)
@GourmetTweets @SavoryTv a food movie? Try 'Tampopo' - the racy hotel scene with the egg yolk and the live prawn is worth the price of admission alone.
@babydoll20 america pie ? =P
@babydoll20 i DID watch the waitress that was indeed a great movie
@_mel_ : Waitress (with Keri Russell) she makes some amazing pies in that movie! #foodfilm
@astarteny: @frombecca #foodfilm do u have Vatel in your list?
@BigBlackDogs: @Bridget_CooKs Baby Boom = chick flick about the baby food industry #foodfilm
@handstandpants: @frombecca #foodfilm Hunting and Gathering. Audrey Tatou, Some French dude cooking food for her
@To_The_Moon: has Delicatessen been mentioned yet? ;o) #foodfilm
@tomatom Tampopo? (yes got that on the extended Twitter suggestions list) #foodfilm thank you
@MsMarmitelover: @frombecca #foodfilm was telling @ollyf all about Babettes feast last week. 1 of my fave films.
@abstractg: @Bridget_CooKs You missed Politiki Kouzina, excellent Greek foodie movie. #foodfilm
@judecee: @Bridget_CooKs God of Cookery. More of a comedy and meant to be really REALLY silly, though. #foodfilm
@judecee: @bridget_cooks eat drink man woman. tampopo close second. being asian certainly has something to do with choices :) #foodfilm
@a_web_designer: @Bridget_CooKs YES The Waitress by Keri Russell. Do you cook/bake like her? LOL #foodfilm
@a_web_designer: @Bridget_CooKs No Reservations - Catheryn Zeta Jones. Pop-Corn No Salt Please and Mineral Water. #foodfilm
@tomatom: @Bridget_CooKs Easy: Tampopo although I just downloaded Babette's feast from the itunes store to watch on my iPhone #foodfilm
@LaurieSoileau Babbette's Feast- One of *my* favorite films as well, for a number of reasons.
@howardt: @Bridget_CooKs Charlie and the Chocolate Factory :) #foodfilm
@BigBlackDogs: @Bridget_CooKs Baby Boom, loved the kitchen too. Annie Hall scene in the kitchen with the lobsters. #foodfilm
@nrdavey: @Bridget_CooKs My vote would go to Big Night or Babette's Feast - though Tampopo is a lot of fun as well. #foodfilm
@Bridget_CooKs: Craziest food movie of all time " Le Grande Bouffe" #foodfilm
@Bridget_CooKs: #foodfilm best ever food film of all time.... "Women on top" Penelope Cruz is such the culinary seductress.. Wish I had her power. Hehe
@Bridget_CooKs: @ocean Tampopo is a fantastic #foodfilm ... agreed. but is it the best??????????
@To_The_Moon rock on! Charlie & the Chocolate Factory counts as two, as long as we discount the Oompa Loompa songs from the Depp remake! urgh!
@lady09: Brown Sugar #foodfilm
@Bartzturkeymom: #foodfilm - Like Water for Chocolate, No Reservations, Moonstruck
@prmuse: Babette's Feast, Like Water for Chocolate, Chocolat, and Big Night~ loved them all! #foodfilm
@vizzz #foodfilm: Volver, Almodovar
@NoCrowds #food film Like Water for Chocolates, The Discreet Charms of the Bourgeoisie, Sideways, Fried Green Tomatoes, Babettes Feast
@mquiz: @frombecca "Big Night" is one of my alltime fave food films. #foodfilm
@kenwoo: @shanncg I forgot about Tampopo. Great movie. And I'm a noodle addict too #foodfilm
@kenwoo: Another favorite #foodfilm of mine is Eat Drink Man Woman Damn, now i'm really hungry
@kenwoo: One of my favorite #foodfilm is Big Night
@shanncg: How about Tampopo #foodfilm
@foodieguide: #foodfilm Eat Drink Man Woman, Mostly Martha, Big Night.
@slasser: def add like water for chocolate to #foodfilm
@mikepetrucelli Garlic Is As Good As 10 Mothers. If you're into long pork: Eating Raoul + Ravenous. #foodfilm
@ellerylong: #foodfilm, not really a true food film, but lots of great meals: The Godfather
@mikepetrucelli Mouse Hunt has some funny food scenes (plus Christoper Walken). And let's not forget Mr. Creosote in The Meaning of Life.
@mikepetrucelli Don't forget Chocolat, Tampopo and, seriously, Ratatouille.
@HarpArora Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my all time faves.
@mcogdill: Babette's Feast & Big Night #foodfilm
@foodgeek14: How about The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover? #foodfilm
@gonzogastronomy: "Like Water For Chocolate" was fantastic #foodfilm
@greenmeup: Favourite food films: "eat, drink, man, woman" and "Babette's feast" come to mind immediately. #foodfilm
@DiscoDaveUK: Delicatessen & The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover #foodfilm
@SuButcher Tampopo #foodfilm
@paradisetossed Definitely The Godfather Part 1 for both the tomato sauce lesson and the legendary cannoli reference.
@frombecca: COMMENTS tweet your favourite food films with #foodfilm and I'll list next week SUGGESTIONS

And apologies if I have forgotten anybody in my search for this week's #foodfilm tweets. Just @me and I'll update if I have accidentally left you out.

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