Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fine Dining and the Ultimate Truffle

While I have a great love of home cooking and comfort food, there are a few food moments that stand above all the great memories (food delights or otherwise) of my life. On food, one of my favourite times was enjoying a simple piece of artisan bread shared with some local NZ cheese on a parkbench on the banks of Lake Taupo, New Zealand. Another bread and cheese favourite, is of course enjoying fresh baguette and camembert in Paris (cliche! but unforgettable!)

The greatest moments however have been above fine produce, and ultimately have included exceptionally crafted cookery. I'm talking the kind of food (and service), that no matter how much I do love to cook, and no matter how practiced, that I just could not ever achieve at home.

My star amongst a handful of ultimate dining experiences is still a recent memory.

I'd done some research on what would be my selected 3 star Michelin dream for this Parisian holiday.

Yes, such 'fine' dining is a costly exercise, but, to me, to unfold this treasured moment in a lifetime of good food, well, how can I call it expensive. I chose to dine at Arpege and furthermore, as this was a once in a lifetime experience (well once in a handful of ultimate dining experiences) I indulged in the 'tasting' menu. As it happens, it was near the end of truffle season (January 2009) and so the hero of the menu was de truffe.

I applaud the kind of exceptional dedication, talent, focus, and training for chef, and the kitchen team and front of house that delivers an experience, that is, as close to perfection as one can get.

'Arpege de truffe'

Oeuf a la coque
quatre spices

Damier de truffe noire du Perigord et coquilles Saint-Jacques d'Erquy
huile de noisette

Bouquet de homard de Chausey au miel du jardin 'recolte ete 2008'
vinaigre de Xeres

Couleur saveur, parfum et desiin de jardin
cueillette ephemere

Foie gras de canard de l Madeleine de Nanancourl
pays d'Avre et d'lton

Aiquillette de Turbot ux Cotes du Jura et truffe noire
pomme de terre fumee u bois de chene

Rotisserie 'flamme d'hiver' eleveurs de nos regions
arlequin de legumes

Comte de Garde Exceptionnelle septembre 2004
truffe noire du Perigord


3 macarons de jardin

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  1. Delighted to hear how highly you thought of l'Arpège.
    Ah...if only you had some photographs too!