Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Live Local Challenge

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Things have changed over time, and living in the city, we've really separated ourselves from being close to the earth, and to understanding our impact on it.

This week, a new site is being launched with an aim of regrouping and rebuilding community. I'm going to do my bit and you can get behind it too by adding your ideas on the site. Of course with my food focus, a lot of my effort is food based. I've always tried to cook a lot of what I eat from scratch, to not use processed foods and to really support fresh seasonal produce. Once I started thinking about it, there was and is so much more that I can do.

Starting this Wednesday I've accepted the live local challenge. As part of the challenge I've decided to take on a week of living only on regional produce (only grown within 100 miles of where I live). The preparation has been interesting, as I've started to research where I can access local seasonal food. Not as easy as you might think in a city like Sydney. The challenge is even more interesting when I add the environmental challenge of reducing my fossil fuel usage (through for one thing better transport options).

I lead a very busy life, and for the challenge, you can share in my decisions, and the thought processes that lead me down each path. I'll be blogging and tweeting as I go. Please share my life with me this week. I'd really love it if you joined me in the challenge too

I'll be looking for your support through ideas on where to access regional food, how to prepare it and in all things to improve what I do. My small step forward to a better community.

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